Fan Your Flames by Nishane Parfum

Image of Fan Your Flames by Nishane bottle
Fan Your Flames by Nishane
Fan Your Flames by Nishane
Fan Your Flames by Nishane

Fan Your Flames by Nishane Parfum

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Fan Your Flames by Nishane
Inspired by the Sufi poet Rumi's exhortation to Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames, Fan Your Fames is a fiery, semi gourmand fragrance that is all about the kind of passion that spills over into obsession. Featuring a haze of white shisha smoke over a melange of woody coconut husks, booze, and a mossy, balsamic base, Fan Your Flames is a stunning take on tobacco that extends the material in several different directions at once.

First, the dried fruit and molasses sweetness of tobacco leaf is drawn out in an exotic direction by way of coconut husk and rum, with a sort of fermented fruit undertone suggestive of Japanese brandy, the kind that costs $500 a bottle. Directly underneath this, coumarin coaxes the hay facets out of the tobacco leaf, introducing a uniquely dry, sunburned grass tonality that tempers the sweetness of the booze. In the base, cooling, greenish hints of fir, cedar, mint, and oakmoss emerge, accentuating the bitter woodiness inherent in dried tobacco leaves.

Now imagine all this wrapped up in a haze of tarry smoke, like a leather armchair left to smolder in the ashes of a house fire. Fan Your Flames is intoxicating, obsessive, strange, and almost bewilderingly dense wear it many times before the smoke starts to lift and you begin to understand its true beauty.

Fan Your Flames by Nishane is a fragrance for women and men. Fan Your Flames was launched in 2016.

Fan Your Flames fragrance samples available in 1ml, 3ml and 5ml sizes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bolas Fragrences
Love but strong

its a wonderful fragrence, great depth, amazing notes, i like the complexities overall really nice, so nice that i just got my full bottle today, thanks scentdecant for helping me find this ❤️

Bryan Rodriguez
Solid scent

You get that cocunut and tabacco very masculine type of scent and definitely unique

Truly a niche quality fragrance and a pretty strong preformer too

Fan Your Flames Review

Strong fragrance, I love it

Fan Your Flames Review

Another great scent from Nishane. But I have to admit, I didnt like it when I first sprayed it. It had to die down a bit for me to get the notes. I got some coconut and maybe Tonka bean with a hint of tobacco. A really unique fragrance.

Soma Nirguna
Good smelling fragrance

It’s a good smelling, high quality fragrance.

Only thing is it’s leaning more towards the feminine array of fragrance.

high quality scent though

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