Top 5 Mistakes Women Make When Wearing Perfume

When considering the wearing of perfume, many women believe that the process is as easy as spritzing a little here and there, and you are done.  I have a cousin who would put her perfume on after she was fully dressed, spraying it on her clothes.  She soon learned that the end result was that the oils in the perfume created stains on her clothing.....yikes!

Many are not aware that there is a manner in which women should wear perfume to achieve the best effect overall.  The correct method of applying perfume will most often depend on the environment it is worn in and the outfit or accessories it is part of.  Applying perfume to each of your wrists and then rubbing together is "very bad," according to Francis Kurkdjian, a perfumer associated with Christian Dior.

And, who can deny how upscale a bottle of Channel No 5 looks sitting on your bathroom vanity or dressing table, when in fact, the daily exposure to steam and fluctuating temperatures can eventually alter and dilute the fragrant freshness. 

Not all is lost—not by a long shot.  You will soon find yourself properly wearing your perfume like a pro by making a few quick and east changes.  We have curated the top five mistakes made by most women when both buying and wearing perfume— along with some suggestions to fix them.

Woman Spraying Perfume

Spray & Don’t Rub

We have all been guilty of this one—spritzing perfume on our wrists, rubbing them together, and then applying it to our necks.  This application process is one that is done unconsciously by most but is still not considered the best process.

Why would that be, you may ask?  Because the friction that is caused by rubbing your wrists together will trigger your skin to instinctively "heat up."  This heating will then activate your body's natural enzymes that will change the fragrance's overall chemical makeup.  The most affected areas of the fragrance will be the top and middle notes of the perfume, along with the most prolonged period of your fragrance strength, known as the dry-down.

To preserve your perfume's fragrance and ensure that it will last longer when applied, you will need to spritz each wrist lightly, allowing the perfume time to seep in.  That is it—do not rub your wrist together—spray, don't rub.

Environment Is The Key

Properly storing your perfume is critical in how long the fragrance will keep its scent.  By its very nature, perfume is much like a living organism, and as such, it can be affected by any changes in its surrounding environment.  This sensitive nature means that perfume detests a change in temperature, such as going from hot to cold and vice versa.

With any changes in the ambient temperature, such as shifting from cold to hot or hot to cold, unexpected reactions in the natural ingredients and the chemical makeup of the perfume can occur, which will then cause the perfume to age at a faster rate.

Woman Spraying Perfume On Wrist


Best Things In Small Packagees

To ensure that you are able get the most enjoyment out of your perfume, you need to make sure you use it up quickly.  Allowing a half-full bottle to sit and linger on your vanity or side table will allow the introduction of oxygen—which is the natural-born enemy of perfume.

Once oxygen has permeated the bottle, it then slowly begins to break down the molecules in the perfume, which will lead to a not-so-pleasant alteration of the composition and smell.

Worth noting is that if you are the type to spray on your perfume of choice daily, a medium to large bottle will not pose the above problem.  However, if you are not one to use your scent on a somewhat daily basis, you would be better off going with a smaller-sized bottle—as these usually offer up to three months of freshness. 

If you are gifted a larger bottle and worry that you won't be able to use it in a sufficient amount of time, you can always divide it up into small bottles and then store these bottles in the fridge to help maintain their freshness.

Don’t Snub Synthetics

In the consumer's mind's eye, the idea of an all-natural perfume is their first choice.  However, this type of perfume doesn't always exist.  Although one of the more popular fragrances that of musk was at one time derived from animals, other popular scents have never been obtained from their namesakes—such as peony, lily of the valley, and freesia. 

These versions of fragrances have never been extracted naturally, as they do not offer an aroma to obtain.  The scent is commonly constructed of a synthetic blend of molecules in these cases.

Woman Holding Perfume

Use Your Head—Or Your Hair—When In Doubt

One of perfume's most common sense takeaways is that it doesn't last long when applied to the skin.  It only follows then that where you choose to place your perfume matters a great deal. 

The number one mistake many make in applying perfume is onto their skin, which is then covered up in most cases by your clothing.  Instead, place the perfume on targeted areas, such as your wrists, inner elbows, or on your neck at your pulse points.

The only exception to this rule of application is when living in a hot climate.  Then it is highly suggested that perfume not be applied to any part of the body.  When you sweat, the natural oils within your skin will work against your perfume and destroy the fragrance faster.

For a more intensely hot climate, you would be better served to mist your hair, a scarf, or a sarong with the perfume to be able to experience the fragrance fully.

As you can see, there are do’s and dont's when applying perfumes, as with most anything else in life.  As long as you are applying your fragrance in the correct manner, you will be able to ensure the most long-lasting enjoyment.

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