Modern Man: Why Men Should Buy More Cologne

Creating a compelling and comprehensive definition of masculinity in the 21st century can be a tricky proposition. As our cultural norms and expectations continue to evolve at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes one more “manly” than another. In fact, you could probably start a heated debate simply by asking this question amongst a group of friends or colleagues.

However, manliness shouldn’t be a competition. In truth, there is no single definition of how we can or should define masculinity. If there’s one thing we know for certain, however, it’s that cologne has long been and will continue to be an iconic element of the male persona. If you’re not yet convinced, perhaps the ideas included here will help make you believe in the benefits of over four centuries of good taste and evocative fragrance. 

Man Smelling Cork

Our sense of smell is arguably the most powerful sense mechanism in the body, and simultaneously the most underrated. According to recent studies, the average human nose is capable of detecting over 1 trillion unique smells. While there certainly aren’t a trillion words in use to describe these smells, the human brain subconsciously captures them and responds to their scent profiles through physical and psychological means.

A 2015 study undertaken by researchers in Israel concluded that individuals can subconsciously obtain a trove of information about another person simply by smelling their own hand after a handshake. While this may look terribly awkward, the brain can quickly parse through the encountered scent profile and obtain information about the individual in question. Although it’s easy to feel baffled and surprised by results such as these, even a cursory glance at your pets or animals in nature will remind you how integral scent is to social dynamics. Next time you have a “gut feeling” about someone around you, take a moment to breathe in deeply. Smell anything? You just might be surprised by what you discover.

By choosing a scent to complement your visual appearance, men can ensure that they “check all the boxes” when it comes to making a powerful first impression. Whether it’s a job interview or a first date, men’s cologne can enhance your overall attractiveness to those around you.

Men use their eyes, women use their noses

No matter how dapper you look in your fitted suit, the chances are good that a prospective romantic partner won’t be overly interested in taking things further with you if you are carrying a strange scent with you.

When it comes to choosing a mate, women rely heavily on their sense of smell to sort out the winners from the losers. Throughout their lifespan, women continually best their male counterparts in smell tests and other olfactory assessments. A unique, finely crafted men’s cologne can create a powerful sensory identity that leaves a distinctive and memorable first impression and an alluring parting thought.

Old Cologne Bottles

Scents are about as personal as it gets

Encountering an unexpected scent on a chance encounter, in a meeting, or on a date can result in a variety of fascinating reactions. You may not realize this, but the smell of your cologne could fast-track those around you towards memories they have kept from long ago. In fact, there is a consensus among psychologists and neuroscientists that the olfactory bulb, the primary sense mechanism responsible for interpreting smells, can recall distant memories and emotions with more intensity and clarity than any of your other four biological senses.

With that in mind, your cologne could act not only as an effective complement to your appearance but also as a stunning “walk down memory lane.” Because of this, certain smells can have a profound emotional impact on those who experience them. There’s no better first impression than one which feels as impressive as it is personal. Your cologne can help you connect on a deeper, more intimate level from the opening encounter onwards.

Confidence is key, and men’s cologne can help 

The clothes maketh the man, that’s for sure. But cologne can help boost your confidence and synergize with your looks to create the perfect package. If you choose to stick with one cologne over a long period, the chances are good that your peers will embed that particular scent into their understanding of your identity. If you miss an evening out or day at work, not only will your absence be felt, but also smelled.

This type of recognition is a surefire way to distinguish yourself as “someone to pay attention to.” After all, it’s easy to take for granted someone’s presence when you see them every day. When your absence is felt as strongly as your presence, however, you certainly have developed a compelling charisma. Irrespective of whether or not you are pursuing romantic connections or are simply trying to make the best professional impression possible, a well-crafted cologne will enhance your masculinity and presence in a way that only scent can.

Taking the next step towards the perfect scent

Floris Cologne

Finding the perfect men’s cologne to match your tastes and personality isn’t always a simple proposition. Given the wide array of scents available today, it’s not uncommon for men to sample a variety of offerings before finding their unique match. Just as the modern man finds himself in a variety of different work environments, social situations, and personal encounters, so there are numerous colognes specifically constructed around unique aromas and scent profiles. 

Scent Decant provides a unique subscription model which allows you to sample designer fragrances for 30-day trial periods. If you’ve found a match, order a larger supply. If you’re ready to explore further, simply select the next fragrance you wish to experience. 

Defining modern masculinity can be complex. Where challenges are present, however, great opportunity may also lie. Scent Decant's affordable cologne sample prices will help you create your interpretation of the modern man which those around you will find impossible to ignore.